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Your organization is developing an application that will manage (Digital Leader)

Updated on 12/19/2023

Your organization is developing an application that will manage payments and online bank accounts located around the world. The most critical requirement for your database is that each transaction is handled consistently. Your organization anticipates almost unlimited growth in the amount of data stored.

Which Google Cloud product should your organization choose?

A) Cloud SQL.
B) Cloud Storage.
C) Firestore.
D) Cloud Spanner.


Correct answer: D) Cloud Spanner.
Cloud Spanner emerges as the optimal choice for your demanding application. Let's break it down:

Global consistency: Unlike Cloud SQL (A), a regional relational database, or Cloud Storage (B), a scalable object store, Cloud Spanner guarantees strong consistency across geographically distributed data replicas. Each transaction is handled atomically and durably, regardless of location.
Scalability for growth: While Firestore (C) offers a flexible document database, its eventual consistency model might not fit your critical payment needs. Cloud Spanner tackles unlimited data growth effortlessly, horizontally scaling without performance degradation.
Financial services reliability: Cloud Spanner is specifically designed for mission-critical workloads like financial transactions. It boasts high availability, disaster recovery, and robust security features, crucial for managing sensitive financial data.
While other options offer advantages in specific areas, only Cloud Spanner delivers the trifecta of global data consistency, unlimited scalability, and financial-grade reliability, making it the perfect fit for your demanding payment and online banking application.

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