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Which Google Cloud product provides a consistent platform for (Digital Leader)

Updated on 12/19/2023

Which Google Cloud product provides a consistent platform for multi-cloud application deployments and extends other Google Cloud services to your organization's environment?

A) Google Kubernetes Engine.
B) Virtual Public Cloud.
C) Compute Engine.
D) Anthos.


Correct answer: D) Anthos.
For multi-cloud deployments and extending Google Cloud services, D. Anthos takes the crown. Here's why:

Unlike Kubernetes Engine (A) focused solely on Google Cloud containers, Anthos transcends cloud boundaries. It creates a consistent platform across on-premises, multi-cloud environments, and Google Cloud, letting you deploy and manage applications everywhere uniformly. Moreover, Anthos brings essential Google Cloud services like Kubernetes, Istio, and GKE directly to your existing environments, extending Google Cloud's capabilities beyond its native platform.
Neither Virtual Public Cloud (B) nor Compute Engine (C) offer multi-cloud capabilities or integrated Google Cloud services like Anthos. While they provide infrastructure in various cloud providers, they don't deliver a unified platform or extend Google Cloud features, making them less suitable for your multi-cloud scenario.
In essence, Anthos bridges the cloud gap, delivering a consistent platform for deploying and managing applications anywhere you choose, while simultaneously bringing the value of Google Cloud services directly to your organization's entire cloud landscape.

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