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Which Google Cloud product or feature makes specific recommendations (Digital Leader)

Updated on 12/19/2023

Which Google Cloud product or feature makes specific recommendations based on security risks and compliance violations?

A) Google Cloud firewalls.
B) Security Command Center.
C) Cloud Deployment Manager.
D) Google Cloud Armor.


Correct answer: B) Security Command Center.
The strongest contender for identifying security risks and compliance violations in Google Cloud is B. Security Command Center (SCC).

SCC goes beyond basic firewalls and attack mitigation (A, D). It actively scans your cloud environment for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and potential threats. Then, it analyzes your resource usage against compliance frameworks, pinpointing violations and suggesting remediation steps. Unlike Deployment Manager (C), which focuses on automating infrastructure deployments, SCC prioritizes security risks and provides specific actionable recommendations to address them.
In essence, SCC acts as your centralized security hub in Google Cloud, offering continuous assessment, threat detection, and compliance monitoring - a comprehensive solution specifically geared towards addressing both security risks and compliance concerns.

Category: Google Cloud security and operations

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