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We have several options available for you to help us, choose the one you like best, any amount will be very useful to keep this project on the air, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make a deposit to one of the Crypto wallets available below, or if you prefer, make a deposit to the website maintainer's account
If you would like to donate via another cryptocurrency, please send an email to letting us know.

Bitcoin: 0x394ed4beadbbd8a257090e1f40fabb87c9532db1

Ethereum: 0x394ed4beadbbd8a257090e1f40fabb87c9532db1

Logo XRP XRP: 0x394ed4beadbbd8a257090e1f40fabb87c9532db1

Logo Tether Tether(USDT): TVFofuBZkbYvE8ijv1vKGL7yAsNUUYBzxz

Logo USDC USD Coin(USDC): 9HyZrPe2Me4mnUByjfHamLVZybbu1Zke3ia5zUx6x7m4

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Account Number: 8894046764

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Se você é brasileiro, pode fazer sua doação via PIX, o autor do Site é brasileiro e se chama Wesley Rodrigues
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Recebedor: Wesley Rodrigues dos Santos

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