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Your organization wants an economical solution to store data such (Digital Leader)

Updated on 12/20/2023

Your organization wants an economical solution to store data such as files, graphical images, and videos and to access and share them securely.

Which Google Cloud product or service should your organization use?

A) Cloud Storage.
B) Cloud SQL.
C) Cloud Spanner.
D) BigQuery.


Correct answer: A) Cloud Storage.
Google Cloud Storage is a scalable and durable object storage service that allows you to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It provides a cost-effective solution for storing large volumes of unstructured data while ensuring high durability, availability, and security.
By using Google Cloud Storage, your organization can store and manage large amounts of data economically, while ensuring secure access and sharing of files, images, and videos. It provides the scalability, durability, and cost-efficiency needed for such data storage requirements.
While other options excel in specific areas, Cloud Storage provides a cost-effective, versatile, and secure solution for storing, accessing, and sharing your diverse data types, easily adapting to your organization's specific needs.

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