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Your team needs a tool that can be used to correlate events from (AZ-900)

Updated on 12/16/2023

Your team needs a tool that can be used to correlate events from multiple resources into a central repository.

Which of the following can be used for this purpose?

A) Azure Event Hubs.
B) Azure Security Center.
C) Azure AD.
D) Azure Log Analytics.


Correct answer: D) Azure Log Analytics.
To centralize events from multiple sources in a single repository, Azure Log Analytics is the ideal choice. It collects and stores log data from different Azure resources and on-premises environments, offering powerful queries to correlate events and analytical insights across multiple sources. With advanced visualization and query capabilities, Log Analytics provides a comprehensive view of the data collected.

On the other hand, Azure Event Hubs is more geared towards ingesting and transmitting data in real time, while Azure Security Center focuses on security and posture recommendations, and Azure AD manages identities and access, but doesn't specialize in centralizing and correlating events from different sources. Therefore, to consolidate events from various sources in a central repository, Azure Log Analytics is the most suitable option.

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