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Your team needs to have a tool that can provide serverless computing (AZ-900)

Updated on 12/08/2023

Your team needs to have a tool that can provide serverless computing capabilities.

Which of the following service can be used for this purpose?

A) Azure Machine Learning.
B) Azure loT Hub.
C) Azure Al bot.
D) Azure Functions.


Correct answer: D) Azure Functions.
For serverless computing capabilities in Azure, the service that best fits your needs is Azure Functions. Azure Functions allows you to run event-triggered code without managing the infrastructure. It enables you to write and execute code in various programming languages, triggered by events such as HTTP requests, timer-based schedules, Azure services, or external systems.
Azure Machine Learning is primarily focused on creating and deploying machine learning models.
Azure IoT Hub is designed for managing IoT device connections and communications for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios.
Azure AI Bot Services is a platform for building, deploying, and managing intelligent bots.
If you're specifically looking for serverless computing where you want to run code in response to events without provisioning or managing servers, Azure Functions is the service to consider.

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