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If you plan to web application in the Azure platform as a (AZ-900)

Updated on 12/02/2023

If you plan to web application in the Azure platform as a service solution of Azure Web Apps, then the platform will have the ability to scale automatically?

A) Yes.
B) No.


Correct answer: A) Yes. Azure Web Apps offer automatic scaling capabilities. They can automatically adjust resources based on the application's needs, such as increased traffic or usage demands. Azure Web Apps can be configured to scale vertically (increasing the power of the existing instance) or horizontally (adding more instances) based on predefined rules or metrics.
By setting up scaling rules and configurations within the Azure portal or through scripting using Azure APIs, you can ensure that your web application scales seamlessly to accommodate varying levels of traffic without manual intervention. This scalability feature helps in maintaining performance and availability while optimizing costs by allocating resources as needed.

Category: Azure architecture and services

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