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Which of the following customers are eligible to use Azure Government (AZ-900)

Updated on 01/03/2024

Which of the following customers are eligible to use Azure Government to develop a cloud solution?

Choose 2 answers from the options given below.

A) United states government Entity.
B) A United states government contractor.
C) A European government Entity.
D) A European government contractor.


Correct answer: A) United states government Entity and B) A United states government contractor.
Azure Government is specifically designed to meet the unique and stringent compliance requirements of US government agencies and their partners. Therefore, the eligible customers to use Azure Government for developing a cloud solution would be:
United States government entity: Azure Government is tailored for US federal, state, local, and tribal government entities.
United States government contractor: Contractors working with or for US government agencies can also utilize Azure Government to meet compliance and security requirements.
European government entities and contractors would typically use Azure regions designated for general public and commercial purposes, not specifically Azure Government, unless there are specific agreements or compliance requirements in place with Microsoft for government-related cloud services in Europe.

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