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AWS has the ability to achieve lower pay-as-you-go pricing by (CLF-C02)

Updated on 12/21/2023

AWS has the ability to achieve lower pay-as-you-go pricing by aggregating usage across hundreds of thousands of users.

This describes which advantage of the AWS Cloud?

A) Launch globally in minutes.
B) Increase speed and agility.
C) High economies of scale.
D) No guessing about compute capacity.


Correct answer: C) High economies of scale.
High economies of scale refer to the cost efficiencies gained by AWS due to its large customer base and global infrastructure. By serving millions of customers worldwide and aggregating usage across these customers, AWS can optimize its costs and pass on the benefits of these efficiencies to customers in the form of lower pricing.
This advantage allows AWS to provide cost-effective services and resources to users, enabling them to benefit from enterprise-grade infrastructure without the need for significant upfront investment. Customers can access a wide range of services and pay only for the resources they consume, resulting in cost savings and increased value.

Category: Economic aspects of the AWS cloud

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