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A global media company uses AWS Organizations to manage multiple AWS (CLF-C02)

Updated on 12/21/2023

A global media company uses AWS Organizations to manage multiple AWS accounts.

Which AWS service or feature can the company use to limit the access to AWS services for member accounts?

A) AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
B) Service control policies (SCPs).
C) Organizational units (OUs).
D) Access control lists (ACLs).


Correct answer: B) Service control policies (SCPs).
Utilizing SCPs, the media company can effectively enforce consistent access policies for all member accounts within their organization, ensuring secure and controlled usage of AWS services across their entire infrastructure.
One of the features from AWS Organizations is SCPs, which helps you specify the maximum permissions for member accounts in the organization. Using SCPs, you can restrict which AWS services, resources, and individual API actions the users and roles in each member account can access.

Category: Security and compliance in the AWS cloud

Language: English

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