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As part of that effort, it needs to migrate the application's working (Digital Leader)

Updated on 12/20/2023

Your organization is moving an application to Google Cloud. As part of that effort, it needs to migrate the application's working database from another cloud provider to Cloud SQL. The database runs on the MySQL engine. The migration must cause minimal disruption to users. Data must be secured while in transit.

Which should your organization use?

A) BigQuery Data Transfer Service.
B) MySQL batch insert.
C) Database Migration Service.
D) Cloud Composer.


Correct answer: C) Database Migration Service.
Google's Database Migration Service is specifically designed to perform seamless and efficient migrations from various sources, including other cloud providers, to Cloud SQL. It offers minimal downtime during migration and provides encryption to secure data while in transit. This service streamlines the process, automates tasks, and helps ensure the integrity of your data during the migration process.
DMS can migrate your database with minimal disruption to users. It uses a continuous replication process to migrate your data to Cloud SQL. This means that your application can continue to read and write data to the database during the migration.

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