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The need to be deployed across several departments. The resources that (AZ-900)

Updated on 12/12/2023

A company needs to deploy a set of resources to Azure. Below are the key requirements for the deployment: The need to be deployed across several departments. The resources that need to be deployed are all of the same type. You need to recommend a solution to automate the deployment of the Azure resources.

Which of the following would you use for this requirement?

A) Virtual Machine scale sets.
B) Management Groups.
C) Azure AD.
D) Azure Resource Manager Templates.


Correct answer: D) Azure Resource Manager Templates.
Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates are JSON files that define the infrastructure and configuration of Azure resources in a declarative way. These templates enable the automation of resource deployment, making it repeatable and consistent across multiple environments.
Benefits of using Azure Resource Manager Templates:
Automation and Consistency: ARM templates allow you to define the desired state of your Azure infrastructure and automate the deployment process. This ensures consistency in resource provisioning across different departments.
Reusability and Scalability: Templates can be reused for different environments or departments, allowing for scalable deployments while maintaining uniformity.
Version Control and Management: ARM templates can be version-controlled using source control systems like Git. This enables tracking changes, rollback to previous versions, and collaborative development.
Dependency Management: Templates support defining dependencies between resources, ensuring that resources are deployed in the correct order and configuration.
Virtual Machine Scale Sets are useful for scaling multiple VMs, but they might not cover the breadth of different resources and configurations needed across various departments.
Management Groups are more about organizing subscriptions and applying governance controls at scale but do not directly automate resource deployment.
Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) primarily deals with identity and access management, which is essential but doesn’t directly automate resource deployment.
Therefore, for the scenario described, leveraging Azure Resource Manager Templates would best suit the need to automate and deploy the same type of resources across multiple departments in Azure.

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